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a comic-book book-club discussing (some of) the medium's great works.

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Comics aren't just about superheroes in capes. Each week we'll discuss, debate, and nerd out on some of the medium's greatest, latest, and strangest works. From Alan Moore to Uzumaki, to everything in-between, we aim to smash, and talk for far too long on the books we love.

Hosted by reporter/podcaster Ryan Joe and recovering marketer Raman Sehgal. We're setting phasers to...fun?

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  • SANDMAN V1-5 ...the required reading of your dreams

    August 7th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  40 mins 43 secs

    This week' book? One of the all time greats - Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman." This episode covers the first 5 Volumes of Sandman, from 1989's "Preludes & Nocturnes" to 1992's "A Game of You" - next episode will cover V6-10.

  • SUMMIT OF THE GODS ...is growing up getting over the mountain?

    July 29th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  54 mins 30 secs

    This week, we're reading THE SUMMIT OF THE GODS (神々の山嶺, Kamigami no Itadaki) - an early 2000s manga by Jiro Taniguchi, based on a novel and script by Baku Yumemakura. The series traces several climbers' journeys across decades around the world - from the European Alps, to the peaks of Japan, to the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet - all bookended by the greatest summit - Everest.

  • MARVELS ...reality TV and the end of the world

    July 22nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  37 mins 15 secs

    This week we're reading MARVELS, the 1994 mini series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. MARVELS retells he origins of the Marvel Universe from a decidedly... pedestrian point of view. Over 4 volumes, we traverse New York City through the decades, from the eve of World War 2 and the first appearance of larger than life heroes, to the 60s and 70s when superheroes were a part of mainstream pop culture.

  • MIRA JACOB...has a Good Talk on Modern Minorities

    July 16th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 13 mins

    BONUS EPISODE from Raman's other podcast "MODERN MINORITIES" where we talk to novelist and comics author Mira Jacob about her experience and work on GOOD TALK - a comic we reviewed with Sharon on a previous Quarantined Comics episode

  • CHAR STUDY (4/4) ...Batman gets Dicked

    July 9th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  42 mins 33 secs

    Dick Grayson - Character Study is a 4-part mini-series where Raman + Paresh examine the history of one of comics greatest superheroes, Dick Grayson. In Part 4 of 4, we look under the cowl of Dick’s on-again / off-again career as Batman...

  • CHAR STUDY (3/4) ...Nightwingin' It // There will be Blüd

    July 2nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  56 mins 44 secs

    Dick Grayson - Character Study is a 4-part mini-series where Raman + Paresh examine the history of one of comics greatest superheroes, Dick Grayson. In Part 3 of 4, we follow Dick’s "adult" career as Nightwing - where he cements his reputation for being the glue of the DC Universe

  • CHAR STUDY (2/4) ...from Teen-wonder to Disco-collar!

    June 25th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  53 mins 21 secs

    Dick Grayson - Character Study is a 4-part mini-series where Raman + Paresh examine the history of one of comics greatest superheroes, Dick Grayson. In Part 1 of 4, we relate to Dick’s TEEN years as Robin & his transition to growing up and becoming Nightwing

  • CHAR STUDY (1/4) ...holy origin story!

    June 18th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  50 mins 32 secs

    Dick Grayson - Character Study is a 4-part mini-series where Raman + Paresh examine the history of one of comics greatest superheroes, Dick Grayson. In Part 1 of 4, we unpacking the many early/origin stories of how Dick Grayson became Robin, the Boy Wonder

  • THE FURRY TRAP & THE FLAYED CORPSE... emotional thrusts and violent thrusts

    June 7th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  51 mins 57 secs
    comics, flayed corpse, furry trap, josh simmons

    Indie cartoonist Josh Simmons is so polarizing, cohost Raman Sehgal walked out of the recording booth. Fortunately, journalist and author Alex Palmer happened to fall through a window at just the right moment to guest host.

  • MONSTERS... when father comes home from war

    May 31st, 2021  |  Season 2  |  42 mins 37 secs

    While Monsters uses the familiar language of superhero and horror comics, it tells a deeply tragic story about the long-lasting impact of domestic abuse.

  • THE FLINTSTONES ...existential dread in the modern stone-age

    May 28th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  41 mins 53 secs

    Let's ride with the family down the street, and meet the Flintstones - 2016's not-so-thinly-veiled commentary on our modern capitalist society. Written by the always subversive Mark Russel, and illustrated by Steve Pugh, many said this was the best comic of 2016. All the familiar beats are there, Fred, Wilma, Barney, Wilma - even Pebbles, Bam-Bam, and the invisible hand that his Gerald. Let's make Bedrock Great Again, we'll have a gay old, we'll have a gay old time.

  • MS. MARVEL ...fighting for truth, justice, and time management?

    May 21st, 2021  |  Season 2  |  58 mins 57 secs

    This week, we're reading MS. MARVEL - written by G. Willow Wilson. MS. MARVEL might've been Marvel's most important "all new, all different" character of the past decade. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teenage girl - just trying to get her homework done, write fan-fic, play MMORPGs, figure out her relationship with her religious brother, come to terms with her best friends, and meet the expectations of her immigrant parents. Joining us to talk about our new favorite Pakistani American superhero, is our new favorite Pakistani American geek Lena Shareef, co-host of the podcast GROUNDED GEEKS

  • PERRAMUS ...crying - and laughing - for Argentina

    May 17th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  37 mins 4 secs
    comic books, comics, graphic novels

    When the writer Juan Sasturain and legendary cartoonist Alberto Breccia teamed up for the seven-year project Perramus: The City And Oblivion, they produced an odd and exhilarating mix of political satire, social commentary, and genre fiction.

  • SWORD DAUGHTER ...like a Julie Andrews movie, but with revenge

    May 7th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 36 secs

    This week we're reading SWORD DAUGHTER, created by Brian Wood and Mack Chater. It's a short-and-sweet epic of one father and daughters' quest to seek revenge against the ruthless vikings that destroyed their lives. Set one THOUSAND years ago, a shattered father and his teenage daughter go off a revenge quest that will span the width of Viking Age Europe, finding that only the swords they carry may mend the damage in their hearts. It's a beautifully drawn, often heart-wrenching story of loss and guilt, on a quest for closure....but does it satisfy?

  • YOSHIRO TATSUMI ...3 books that just got odder, yet more poignant?

    April 30th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  42 mins 41 secs

    We continue our journey to post WW2 Japan, with the more obscure, but equally important manga master - Yoshiro Tatsumi (credited as being the creator of the darker, more realistic "Gekiga" movement in manga). We read THREE short story collections that reflect Tatsumi's delightfully (?) tortured ethos of the time: "The Push Man" (1969), "Abandon The Old In Tokyo" (1970 - also a great name for a band), and "Good-Bye" (1971-1972).

  • AYAKO... family troubles in post WWII Japan

    April 26th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 13 secs
    comics, graphic novels, manga

    Osamu Tezuka is known as the godfather of manga, particularly for his children's' comics like Astro Boy and Princess Knight. But his work for adults is among his most complicated and intriguing and in this week's episode, we'll look at Ayako, a complicated and politically-charged family epic set in post WWII Japan.