BONE ...adorably innocent darkness for the kids!


December 25th, 2020

38 mins 40 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

There were once these three cousins, who done got run out of town. One was a con man, the other a doofus, and the third, a journeyman. they descended into a valley, found themselves a friendly dragon, a talking bug, and a beautiful young woman who could walk between her dreams.
...sounds like a 60s folks song written while tripping on acid?

Not quite...this week we're talking about BONE - the comics masterpiece epic by Jeff Smith. Bone was the indie comics darling of the 90s, released sporadically over 55 black and white issues from 1991 to 2004. It tells the story of ....

  1. the adorable Phone Bone, who just wants people to understand what a masterpiece Moby Dick...
  2. Phonecible P Bone - aka "Phoney Bone" ho's always on the grift, and...
  3. Smiley Bone, the slapsticky, happy go lucky one, with hidden depths.

When the story begins, the 3 cousins have been run out of Boneville for one of Phoney's many shenanigans. The 3 find themselves in a scenic valley where things are not what they seem. There's rat creatures, a great cow race, and so much more. With a supporting cast - the beautiful Thorn, the persnickeny Gran'ma Ben, and the righteous Lucius - all of whose mysterious pasts unravel into an expansively epic story - you're never sure where things are going to go. In recent years - through a re-release in color, it's found a new audience for nephews, nieces, and friends' kids around the world - and a welcome break out of the superhero genre that the kids are drawn to. Bone is a masterpiece of comics art.

Joining us this week is my personal friend of the Pod, and host of the Distiller Podcast, Brandon Dawson