CHAR STUDY (2/4) ...from Teen-wonder to Disco-collar!


June 25th, 2021

53 mins 21 secs

Season 2

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During Quarantined Comics “summer hiatus” (Ryan in a Korean gulag, Raman changing more diapers), we wanted to make sure you still got your sweet, sweet weekly comics content, so we’re proud to share Raman’s OTHER comic book podcast project “CHARACTER STUDY” -with friend-of-the-pod Paresh Jha. Character Study is a 4-part series that examines the history of DICK GRAYSON (aka Robin, aka Nightwing), the other half of Batman’s dynamic duo.

CHAPTER 2: “From Teen Wonder to Disco-collar!" - relating to Dick’s TEEN years as Robin & his transition to growing up and becoming Nightwing

Teen Titans #14 (1960s) - hilariously bad. But once again Dicky boy has to save his super-powered pals
Batgirl Year One (2003) - ~60% of the issues feature Barbara’s early interactions with Dick / Robin (a good intro to the beginnings of his “professional” relationship with Babs / Batgirl)
New Teen Titans V1 #1-2 (1980s) - Where is Dick in his life. beginning of his journey into becoming a more realized adult
New Teen Titans V1 #38 (1984) - "Who is Donna Troy" - a good illustration of what Dick will do for his friends
Batman #416 (1988) - issue with Dick (as Nightwing) confronting Bruce about Jason Todd ("the replacement Robin") - Batman: “the truth is Nightwing, i taught you everything i could, it was time for to step out on your own"
TV: Batman the Animated Series “Old Wounds (1998) - Dick confronting the new Robin, also decking Batman.
TV: Titans (~2017): S01: E06 “Jason Todd” - good flashback to Dick's Robin origins, juxtaposed against meeting the new Robin Jason Todd
“how’d you two meet...tried to boost his tried to steal the Batmobile...just the hubcaps” // "Batman needs Robin...why do you think he makes us wear those lame colors, bc we’re drawing fire."
New Teen Titans - the Judas Contract (1989) - Dick grapples with...and abandons Robin identity, and first appearance of Nightwing identity
Batman Family Giant #14 (1977s) - interesting adventure to illustrate Dick & Barbara’s adult relationship
TV: Old Wounds (Batman: TAS) - Nightwing confronting Robin
TV: Titans (~2018) S02 : E13 (finale) “Nightwing” - Good illustration of Dick as the glue for the team. Also articulation how he sought another greater family to give back to (to do even better than Bruce did for him)
Nightwing Year One (Nightwing V1, #101-#106) - great look at the beginnings of Dick's Nightwing career