MEGG, MOGG, & OWL ...coping with the bad times


June 30th, 2022

35 mins 23 secs

Season 4

Your Hosts

About this Episode

It's hard to find optimism with the end of Roe, yet another curtailing of the civil liberties that once defined America.

While the Megg, Mogg, and Owl series by Simon Hanselmann won't exactly restore any sense of optimism, it will at least make you feel less alone by plunging you into the misadventures of others who are also flailing through life. In this episode, we'll review two collected works from the series: "Megahex" from 2014, and "Bad Gateway," published in 2019.

While "Megahex" very much feels like a series of loosely-connected strips, Hanselmann has matured greatly as a storyteller and artist, as he delves into the depths of his characters' dispair and the strange, disgusting, and often hilarious ways they try to cope.