SUPERGIRL WOMAN OF TOMORROW horses, space racism, and true grit


July 15th, 2022

42 mins 7 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

This week we are reading SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW, by Tom King and Bilquis Evely. The 2021 limited series from DC's Black Label - which is basically DCs new mature / Elseworld's imprint. Most just assume that Kara Zor El is simply Superman's girly cousin - which is probably how she was created years ago. But in this cosmic adventure, she is anything but. Yes there is girl power, but as we tag along for a girls trip for justice - basically True Grit in space - we are brought to face the best and worst humanity has to offer. There's a rocket ship, a space bus depot, space drugs. a space dragon, space pirates...and space racism! And let's not forget Supergirl's super dog Krypto and Super horse Comet. And the story's true protagonist, Ruthye, a young lass from a rural backwater planet whose on an Eniga Montoya styled revenge quest, where she enlists a reluctant Supergirl after Krypto gets shot with an arrow by Krem, the murderous villain who killed Ruthye's poor yet noble father. On their journey we see the best and worst we have to offer on full sci-fi display. With moral quandaries that are often hopeless - which hurt a bit more given the times we are in - along with good humor, beautiful art, and a lovely script, you can't help but find something to love about this book. Well, except Ryan...