ULTRASOUND ...also a journey within


August 27th, 2022

34 mins 58 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Conor Stechchulte's "Ultrasound," which was made into a 2021 movie, is about memory, gaslighting, and psychological terror. It's hard for comics to convey a sense of interiority, but Stechchulte has some graphical tricks that really create the same sense of unease and discombobulaton in readers that his characters are going through. Whether that's a good thing or not.

"Ultrasound" begins on a dark and stormy night, as these things often begin, when a man gets a flat tire and is invited into a house owned by a couple to take refuge. And that's when the games begin.

Did we like it? Did we not like it? Or maybe we only thought we liked it, but didn't? Or vice versa?