CHAR STUDY (3/4) ...Nightwingin' It // There will be Blüd


July 2nd, 2021

56 mins 44 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

During Quarantined Comics “summer hiatus” (Ryan in a Korean gulag, Raman changing more diapers), we wanted to make sure you still got your sweet, sweet weekly comics content, so we’re proud to share Raman’s OTHER comic book podcast project “CHARACTER STUDY” -with friend-of-the-pod Paresh Jha. Character Study is a 4-part series that examines the history of DICK GRAYSON (aka Robin, aka Nightwing), the other half of Batman’s dynamic duo.

CHAPTER 3: "Night-wing' it (There will be Blüd)" - we follow Dick’s "adult" career as Nightwing - where he cements his reputation for being the glue of the DC Universe

NIGHTWING (1996) #1-25 Chuck Dixon Run perhaps only V1-3 (not sure i can re-read the ENTIRE run)
Action Comics #613- #618 // #627- #634 // #642 - where Dick and Superman have a chat
Batman Year 3 // "A Lonely Palce for Dying" (Batman #436-442) + New Teen Titans #60+61
Robin #13 Just read the last Robin issue (Bruce + Dick arguement with no resolution)
Nightwing 25 - Nightwing + Robin #3 (Tim Drake) have a fun chat on a train
Birds of Prey #8 (1999)- Babs and Dick go on a date / talk about their feelings
Teen Titans V3 # 6 (2003) - NIghtwing breaks up a fight between the JLA and TT

Batman: Prodigal (1994) - 12 issue crossover - “I can't replace you, Bruce... but I'd be lying if I said it's not going to be wild standing in for you.”
Nightwing Huntress (1998) - Devin Grayson (4 issue mini-series)
New Teen Titans v2 (1984) #17 (Kory being abducted for political wedding)
New Titans 100-102 -failed wedding w/ to Starfire that evil Raven crashes?) - Dick is kicked off the team in #101
Titans (Judd Winick) - when they brought back the team...meh
Outsiders V3 - 50 issue run done by Judd Winnick, where Dick leads a rag-tag team of heroes
TV: Young Justice
Titans (2018) # 19
Teen Titans V3 # 33 (2005) - NIghtwing supports Superboy in an Infinite Crisis Lead Up (Geoff Johns)
NIGHTWING VOL. 1: TRAPS AND TRAPEZES (2012) - red suit, Kyle Higgins
Convergence: Nightwing & Oracle (2015 - 2 issue miniseries)